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Instructions for Creating a Graduate Student Appointment Authorization.

Owners: Graduate School Coordinators

Step-by-step guide

Login to PeopleSoft Human Resources 9.2. From the Main Menu navigate to the Manager Self Service in the drop down>CU Graduate Authorization>Add Graduate Authorization.

Once on the Type of Action screen select the radial button for Create Appointment. Click Next

The next screen is for the student information. Most will automatically load from the Student ID. You will to add all required information in the fields before you are able to move to the next step. Click Next

The Fiscal Year must be added before the page will load. Click Next

*The bi-weekly amount is auto loaded but can be changed. The Pay Periods will calculate along with the Total from the dates entered. 

Use the + to add a row for additional combination codes or tuition terms. Click Next

*For Graduate Assistantships that are tuition only please change the stipend amount to 0. If the stipend amount is 0 the form will not go to payroll. 

*When Partial Scholarship is selected You will only be able to add the tuition scholarship.

*Partial Tuition Assistantship  must use the Schools ID not an individual department id. 

Before you submit the form, comments can be added and attachments uploaded on this screen. Click Submit Form

Once submitted your Graduate Appointment will move on for approval. You can check the Status of a form you submitted by following the path Main Menu>Manager Self Service>CU Graduate Authorization>Graduate Authorization Status. Enter the Appointment ID or click Search. 

Review and Approval Process for SRS and Graduate Coordinators- Graduate Authorization