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Upcoming Events:

February 8, 2018
Connect with Us Town Hall, 10-11am
Location: Potsdam Campus, Peterson Board Room

February 2018 TBD
Connect with Us Town Hall TBD
Location: CRC 

April 2018 TBD
Connect with Us Town Hall
Location: TBD

This 2017-18 academic year marks the start of several strategic initiatives across the University.  

The Connect with Us is a cross-collaboration communication effort to provide the Clarkson community with updated information across these initiatives in single forum, avoiding long, in-depth discussions on a single topic. 

Information sessions will be held at both Potsdam and CRC campuses approximately every 2 months. When beneficial, we will look to incorporate “Deep Dives” within future sessions provide opportunities to share a little more in-depth information related to these initiatives. We may also invite other speakers who are leading or working on other projects across campus that either overlap or impact these particular institutional initiatives as part of these special features to help increase awareness and better inform the campus in their planning efforts. 

Our aim to improve communications, engage, and provide as much transparent and updated information as much as possible.  If you have suggestions or ideas on how to improve our efforts, please contact us!