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Why a Clarkson-branded Google Apps service?

The Office of Information Technology realizes that a large number of students, faculty and staff are already using the Google Apps suite of software for academic collaboration, management and sharing University data, meeting minutes, agendas, etc. It is recognized that the Google Apps suite of software provides a convenient, user-friendly mechanism to store, share and disseminate information; however, Google's standard terms of service raise some critically important intellectual property concerns. To address this, the Office of Information Technology has establish a Google Apps for Education license with Google. This license protects your intellectual property stored in Google Apps.

What is the difference between a personal Google account and a Clarkson Google Apps account?

personal Google account:

Clarkson Google Apps account:

  • A Clarkson Google Apps account provides access to a suite of products powered by Google and administered by Clarkson University.
  • A Clarkson Google Apps account also provides additional license protection ensuring an environment where you can collaborate and share while retaining rights to your intellectual property. For additional information, see:

What are the intellectual property implications of sharing content with members who do not have a Clarkson Google Apps account?

Your content is protected under Clarkson's Google Apps for Education terms of service, but you should be caution about who you share it with. Making content available publicly may jeopardize the intellectual property protections of the agreements. We recommend that you consider carefully before you share research or other important data outside of the University's collaborative space.

Why aren't popular Google Apps, such as Gmail, accessible via my Clarkson Google Apps account?

In order to be accessible via your Clarkson Google Apps account, each application must be individually enabled. If you would like to have access to a Google App which is currently not enabled, please contact the Helpdesk. The Office of Information Technology is in the formative stages of piloting a Gmail implementation. Gmail will not be accessible via a Clarkson Google Apps account until this pilot has proceeded further.