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You will need to make sure you have created an Expense Report:

Creating an Expense Report

If you chose the "Entries from My Wallet" Quick start option, you will be thrown directly into adding expenses from your One Card. If not you will need to choose "Expenses from My Wallet" from the drop down menu in the Details block and click "Add".

You will be brought to the screen below, and presented with the following columns:


  • Date: the date the expense was incurred.
  • Expense Type: the system will select an expense type based on the Merchant Category Code that the merchant supplies. This may or may not be correct, so be sure to verify the selected Expense Type.  You maybe need to change the expense type if the expense type is not correct, if the expenses is a personal one, or if the expense is a meal that comes within your Per Diem for the day.
  • Merchant: the Merchant name as supplied on the credit card file.
  • Amount and Currency Code: the amount in US Dollars, even if you incurred the expense in a foreign currency.
  • Personal Expense: As of right now, this checkbox does not work the way it should; it should be "grayed out" and unavailable for use. PeopleSoft is aware of the issue, and is working on a solution. Please ignore this box. 

Correcting the expense type in My Wallet

Check the Select box(es) for the charges that are related to the current expense report. Click Done to proceed.

Your expenses from My Wallet will be displayed in your Details grid on the Create Expense Report home page.