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Creating an Expense Report

Entering header information in an Expense Report 9.2

To add one more new lines, your options are to either copy from an existing line, or add an entirely new line or lines. Click the drop down to the lower right. There are three options:

  • Expenses from My Wallet: select this option to add My Wallet entries to your expense report.

Adding One Card charges from My Wallet

  • Multiple Expenses: select this option to access a page where you can select multiple Expense Types and add them as new rows.
  • New Expense: select this option to add a single new expense line.


Once you have made your selection click Add. A new row will be added to the bottom of the grid.

To add multiple rows, choose that option in the drop down menu and click Add.


Once you click Add, the page below will be displayed. Update the date range as appropriate for your dates of travel or expenditure. Then go through the list of Expense Types and select the ones you want to add.

For each Expense Type, you can choose to either add it for All Days or for One Day. In this example, we will add Per Diem for All Days and Mileage for One Day. When complete click the Continue button.


The system will add the requested new rows at the bottom of the grid.


You can also choose to Copy any other line(s) on your expense report. To use this function, click the Select checkbox(es) for the lines you wish to copy from and click on the Copy Selected button. 


The system will then create new rows with the data from the originals and you can update as needed to match the details of the new expense.