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Entering header information in an Expense Report 9.2

To add one or more new lines, click the plus (plus) at the end of each row of the report.

Note:  This option should only be used for Employee Paid (out of pocket) expenses.  The Payment Type will only be Employee Paid. 

Adding One Card charges from My Wallet 9.2


To add multiple rows, choose Quick-Fill.  If there are several days of travel, then rows will be added for every day.


Once you click Quick-Fill, the page below will be displayed. Update the date range as appropriate for your dates of travel or expenditure. Then go through the list of Expense Types and select the ones you want to add.

For each Expense Type, you can choose to either add it for All Days or for One Day. In this example, we will add Per Diem for All Days. When complete click the OK button.


The system will add the requested new rows at the bottom of the grid.


You can also choose to Copy Expense Lines on your expense report. To use this function, click the Copy Expense Lines in the Actions box in the Header of the expense report. 



Select the date or range of dates and check the box under Select to choose the expense type to copy.


The system will then create new row(s) with the data from the originals and you can update as needed to match the details of the new expense.