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  • Advanced Discussion Forum Not Visible in My Gradebook
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All of my advanced discussion forums are showing in my gradebook except for one so I am unable to grade the forum posts.


There is a high probability that the settings for this particular forum re set to “none”. You can easily edit the settings so that the forum shows in the gradebook and you will then be able to grade the forum.

View the video tutorial for Advanced Forum Not Visible in My Gradebook

Here’s how:

1. Turn editing on in your course

2. Go to the advanced forum that is not visible in the gradebook and click Edit


3. Select Edit Settings from the drop down menu



4. Scroll down in the forum settings to the Grade area and click the arrow to the left of Grade



  • Change Grade Type to Manual

  • Change Grade category (if you have previously set-up categories)


  • Click Save and return to course

  • You can now grade the forum as usual