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How to manage documents with the new document management plugins

Step-by-step guide

  1. Researcher submits form via New One Page Proposals or New, Progress and Final Reports forms. Admin (Laura Holsopple) will get an email notification about the form submission.
  2. Admin logs in to
  3. Go to Forms → Form Entries
    1. Select the form that you want to view the entries for from the dropdown
    2. Click View Entries
  4. From this screen, download the attachment from the desired form by clicking download.
  5. Click on the blue View button to see the form submission. You will need this info for when you add the document to the desired folder so keep this information open.
  6. In a new Tab with the CITeR back-end view up on the page, click on folders. Once there, click the Add Folder button.
  7. Name the folder accordingly. If it is for an individual project, name the folder according to the project name.
  8. Choose the user to be yourself
  9. Check "Only allow users to see their own files, this supersedes any other additional setting. Does not apply to folders."
  10. Save
  11. After saving you will need to click "modify" to give permission to the researcher to view.
  12. At the bottom of the edit view of the folder, you can add individual users to the folders. On the dropdown select the user and click "Add User".
    1. It will automatically give the newly added user Read, Write and Delete access.
  13. Additionally you will need to mark the permissions for the other roles as follows:
    1. Editor - Read and Write
    2. Affiliate - Read
    3. Admin - Read Write Delete
  14. Save
  15. Click on Dashboard. This will open the front end view of the SmartyPants Document Dashboard where you can add files.
  16. Navigate through the folders to your newly created project folder and then click the Add File button
  17. Upload the Document and use the information from the form submission to fill out the fields.
  18. Start Upload.

You do have the ability to copy documents to another folder once the document has been uploaded. You will need to copy the file to the cycle folder. Unfortunately you cannot embed folders within other folders and only give access to a user without them seeing other files. In order to maintain privacy of the different projects, this can't be allowed.