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I can see the discussion forum assignments in the grade report but I am unable to enter grades because I get the red symbol for no entry.


When we switched to Moodle from Joule, we gave up the Joule Grader you might have been used to. In Moodle when you want to manually enter students’ forum grades, you will need to override the red symbol. The good news is it’s easy and just takes a second.

Here’s how

1. Turn editing on in your course

2. Go to the Administration Settings block on the left navigation bar in your Moodle course.

3. Choose Grades (this will take you into the Grader Report for your course.)

4. Choose the Single view tab


5. On the Single view page, choose Select grade item and from the drop-down menu, choose the forum you want to grade.


6. Click All next to the Override column to the right of the Grade & Feedback columns.


7. You can now enter grades and feedback.


Print the PDF for Grade a Discussion Forum Override

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