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  • Checking for and correcting errors when creating a Travel Authorization

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Once you have added all your TA lines, and entered the required information for each, click the Check for Errors button. If any errors are detected, a red flag icon will be shown to the left of the applicable line, as in the example below.


Please note that you can click the Check for Errors button as many times as you wish, or not at all. The system will check for errors as part of the save function.


 Click on the flag icon to be directed to the field with the error.

Once you have clicked on the red flag icon, the system will display the page below. The error(s) will be displayed in red text at the top , and the applicable fields will be highlighted in red. Note that there is a hyperlink in the lower left for Accounting Details, if the errors listed involve that item.


Check Expense for Errorsclick this button to run a new check. Any new errors will be highlighted.


Return to Travel Authorization Entryuse this hyperlink to return to the main TA page. From there you can make other changes, save the expense report, submit it, etc.


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