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The Clarkson University Network consists of multiple carriers on redundant fiber networks. Along with commodity Internet connections, Clarkson University
provides low-latency links to multiple Internet exchanges directly connecting staff and students to most major Content Delivery Networks.
High capacity, low-latency links to Internet2 also exist to facilitate collaborative research efforts with hundreds of Educational Institutions.

Campus academic centers receive redundant 80Gbps connections with 1Gbps of connectivity offered to each end-user.
Residence halls receive a minimum 10Gbps connection per wing, with 100Mbps of connectivity for each student.
Clarkson also offers pervasive Wi-Fi throughout the academic and residential buildings, with high-throughput 802.11ac Wave 2 functionality available in most common spaces.

If you are having trouble with your Internet connection please visit the 'IT Helpdesk' located on the second floor of the ERC, email, or call (315) 268-4357.