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  • Connecting to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN With A Mac

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This tutorial will show you how to connect to the Clarkson VPN using Mac OSX.


1. Open System Preferences > Network

2. Click on the "+" in the lower left hand corner of the Network screen. This will bring up a window to input information. From the Interface drop down menu choose "VPN". From the VPN Type drop down menu choose "Cisco IPSec" and use "Clarkson" or "CUVPN" as the Service Name. When your screen looks like the one below, click "Create".

3. After clicking "Create" you will need to add the server name as The account name will be your Clarkson AD username and the password will be your Clarkson AD password. Put a check in the box next to "Show VPN status in menu bar". When you are finished entering these click on "Authentication Settings"

4. In the window that opens verify that the radial button is positioned next to "Shared Secret" and enter clarkson (all lowercase). Enter clarkson (all lowercase) for the "Group Name" as well and click "OK".

5. Once you have clicked "OK" click "Connect". You will be asked to enter your AD credentials once again. You will see an icon on the upper right of your screen that shows the time you have been connected. If you click on the icon you can connect and disconnect your VPN as needed.

6. To ensure that the VPN connection is working correctly, you may navigate to