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Step-by-step guide

After logging in to

  1. Hover over the newsletter tab in the left sidebar
  2. Next you can either create a new newsletter or duplicate a pre-existing one.
  3. To create a new newsletter, click the "New Newsletter" button. Next it will bring you to the screen shown below. Choose the option that is highlighted in the image.
  4. Next, drag and drop the elements onto the email or edit the pre-existing elements that are already there from choosing the template. Make sure to use CU branded colors. The banner and buttons should be the deep green, which is: #004f42
    1. edit the block by hovering over the block and clicking on the pencil icon.
    2. put the color code in the block by selecting the color and save.
  5. Add the Clarkson University logo. Hover over the grey box in the header section and click on the pencil icon.
    1. either select a pre-existing image or upload a new one if necessary.
  6. Edit the button color to #004f42 and the link to the correct URL and save
  7. Save and Preview the newsletter
  8. Name the subject of the email and click on the test button. By clicking the test button, it will send the email to a test list.
  9. When finished testing the email and certain it is ready to send out, go back into the edit view and then click the save and preview button again. From this screen, there is a "targeting" tab, click on that. Here you will choose your subscription list that you want to use to send the newsletter to.
  10. When finished, click send and accept. Newsletter sent.

There is another tutorial that shows how to add, edit, import and export subscribers.



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