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  • Create an Active Hyperlink in a Moodle Page or Forum

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Step-by-step guide

First copy the URL for the hyperlink you will add.

Next, in the Moodle forum textbox area,click on the button to use the Advanced Editor...,as shown below.

Now follow the steps below, as shown on the screenshot:

  1. Add the descriptive text you would like to link in the textbox area.

  2. Drag your cursor to select the text you would like to make into a link.

  3. In the text entry box, click the Link icon (You may need to click on the cube icon to expand your toolbars first).

  4. The Insert/edit Link pop-up window will open. In the Enter the URL field, paste the Web address (URL) for the link.

  5. In the Target area, set link open in a new window, check Open in new window.

  6. Click the Insert button. The Link window will close.

  7. The descriptive text will now be hyperlinked and text will appear in a new color. Click Post to forum when you are ready to post.

  8. Finally, check that your new hyperlink opens correctly.


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