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  • Creating a Payroll Authorization for a leave of absence without pay

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Navigate to Main Menu > Manager Self Service > CU Payroll Authorization > Create Payroll Authorization.


For additional help with the next menu selections, or with general changes to the Payroll Authorizations (Title change, location change, etc) please see below:

What you need to know about electronic Payroll Authorizations

Once you have completed the top section of the Payroll Authorization you can focus on how the compensation section will be modified to include a leave of absence with zero pay.


Note: If the leave of absence is due to a medical reason Human Resources will originate the Payroll Authorization. No personal medical information (such as a doctor's note) will be stored as an attachment or described in the remarks of a Payroll Authorization.


In the Compensation box put a check in the "Change" box. Choose a start and end date for the leave of absence. If the end date is undetermined, you may leave it blank. If this is the case, you will need to file another Payroll Authorization to reinstate the employee's pay upon their return from leave.


You can leave the Annual Salary empty and change the amount to be paid to '0'.

Use the directions in the FAQ linked above to Save/Submit your Payroll Authorization.