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What Material is Appropriate for Digital Signage?

Any campus organization or individual who wishes to publicizes a University sponsored function is welcome to submit content to the digital signage system. The digital signage system is not to be used to publicize events external to the University or which are "by-invitation-only."

Where are the signs located?

At present, there are 16 signs. These signs are located:

  • Bridge between New Snell & Science Center
  • CAMP Atrium
  • Capital Region Campus (CRC)
  • Cheel Arena
  • ERC 1st Floor, outside the Maker Space
  • ERC 2nd Floor Video Wall (Special Use)
  • ERC 2nd Floor, outside the Career Center
  • Library Archives
  • New Snell 2nd floor, near large lecture halls
  • New Snell 3rd floor, outside the Dean's office
  • Science Center Concrete Cafe
  • Science Center 1st Floor Lecture Wing
  • Student Center, 1st floor - Near the Information Desk
  • Student Center, 2nd floor - Near The Severy
  • Student Center, 2nd floor - Near the walkway to ERC
  • TAC 2nd Floor

Displaying Content

Each digital sign subscribes to a set of "content feeds". Anyone can submit content to a feed, but the content must first be approved by the feed moderator before it will appear on a digital sign. The feeds currently configured are as follows:

  • Capital Region Campus (CRC) - Moderator: Bob Keenan
  • Career Center Feed - Moderator: Karla Fennell
  • Library - Moderator: Michelle Young
  • Marketing and External Relations - Moderator: Julie Davis
  • OIT-Main Feed - Moderator: Jeff Yette
  • Student Life - Moderator: Tamera Rizk
  • Building Feed: CAMP - Moderator: Jeff Yette
  • Building Feed: Science Center - Moderator: Jeff Yette
  • Building Feed: New Snell - Moderator: Jeff Yette
  • Building Feed: ERC/TAC - Moderator: Jeff Yette

What are Content Feeds?

Feeds are categories for content in Concerto, each of which contains messages of a similar type. Feeds are the virtual bins into which users insert graphical and text-based flyers, announcements, bulletins, or other content. Each feed is moderated by a group of privileged users who approve and deny messages submitted to the feed. Each physical Concerto display on campus displays a mix of content from the various feeds. When you submit content to a feed you will see a listing of the screens that feed appears on.  

Which Content Feeds Appear on Which Screens?

 Career CenterMarketing & External RelationsOffice of Information TechnologyStudent LifeBuilding: CAMPBuilding: SCBuilding: NSBuilding: ERC/TACLibrarySAS
CAMP Atrium XX X    X
Cheel Commons XXX     X
ERC 2nd FloorXXXX   XXX
Library Reference Desk  X    XXX
NS 2nd Floor XXX  X  X
NS 3rd Floor XXX  X  X
SC Concrete Cafe XXX X   X
SC Lecture Wing XXX X   X
Student Center   X