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So students can access your Echo recordings, you need to add an External Tool activity in Moodle AND click to connect the two.  Instructions below.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log into Moodle
  2. Select Course
  3. Turn Editing On
  4. Click Add an Activity or Resource
  5. Select External Tool
  6. Fill in Activity Name field.
  7. From Preconfigured Tool drop down, choose Echo 360.
  8. Click Show More...
  9. Locate Launch container and select New Window.
  10. Click Save and Return to Course
  11. First time only: Back on your Moodle course page, click on the activity name you just added.
  12. This will launch Echo, and you will be prompted to select the Section or Recording you want to link to inside Moodle.
  13. Step 1: Choose (or create section) - drop down and select desired course from list.

12. Select Link to the Section Home and click Link Content.