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  1. Turn on editing in the top right corner of your course:

  2. Select the gear icon in the top right corner of the My Quick Resources block.

  3. Choose Configure MY QUICK RESOURCES block.

  4. Delete the first line of text that says Link Syllabus Here (Need a Template?) or whatever else you need to edit.

  5. Type "Syllabus" in its place.

  6. Highlight the word Syllabus and click the link button.

  7. Click the browse icon to the right of the Link URL area.

  8. Select Upload File from the left, then Browse.

  9. Navigate to the syllabus file on your computer and click Open.

  10. Click Upload this file (blue button at the bottom).

  11. In the Target area, select "Open in a new window".

  12. Click Insert.

  13. Your text "Syllabus" should now be underlined which indicates that it is a link.

  14. If you are finished editing, click Save Changes.

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