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  • Entering TA Line information in a new Travel Authorization

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The Details grid where you enter your detailed projected expenses. The grid has multiple fields for the pieces of information needed; the information required varies depending on the Expense Type selected. The required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

 Per Clarkson policy, you may either create separate rows for each projected expense, or create one row, using the Miscellaneous Travel (one each for foreign and domestic travel) expense type for the total of all projected expenses. Ask your manager which option to use.

 The system will pre-populate a new TA with 4 lines; you can add more lines by clicking the  icon to the right of any line. Alternately, you can remove any line by clicking the Select checkbox to the left of a line, and then clicking the Delete Selected button. Note that you don't need to delete any unused lines; the system will delete them as part of the Save process.

Lastly, you can copy one line to create a new line by clicking the Select checkbox and then the Copy Selected button. You then update the new line with the correct information.

On the main page of the TA, enter the following information, adding and/or copying lines as needed:


  • Expense TypeSelect the expense type from the drop-down menu choices listed.
  • Expense DateEnter the date that the expense will be incurred, or use the calendar icon to select it.
  • AmountEnter the estimated amount to be spent. Note that his field is grayed out for Mileage and Lodging; you will enter further details later in the process.
  • CurrencyThe currency field will default to USD and is "grayed out". Estimate your expenses in USD.
  • Payment TypeSelect the method of payment. Clarkson Visa is used if your expense will be paid with your One Card. Employee Paid is used if you will pay the expense using cash or a personal credit card.
  • Billing TypeBillable is used if the expenses will be incurred against a grant (for Fund Codes 375, 378, 394 and 395). Use internal for all other expenses.

Next, click on the details link next to each TA Expense Line to provide additional details.

On the Authorization Details for each TA line, the system will display the required fields to complete:


Ticket NumberUsed only for Airfare, this field is not required on TAs as the ticket is generally not booked yet.

MerchantEnter the name of the Merchant you expect to use.

DescriptionNot required for all Expense Types. If required, enter the description of the expected expense.

AmountThe amount will default from the Details grid page for most Expense Types. Notable exceptions are Lodging, Mileage, and the three meals. In those cases, fields for Number of Nights and Nightly Rate will be displayed (for Lodging), Miles (for Mileage), or Number of Days and Daily Amount for meals. Completion of those fields will cause the system to calculate the amount.

LocationIf your trip will cover more than one Location, enter the correct location on each line.

Location AmountIf you will go over the allowed Per Diem Amount, enter an explanation as to why. 

Per Diems have a special requirement - they must have the Location specified. This is because Clarkson reimburses employees for Per Diems at different rates depending on whether the travel is to a high cost or low cost location. The system will use the Location chosen in the Header as a default. You may override Location for an individual line if needed by using the Authorization Detail page for the Per Diem line item(s).

On any Detail page, click the Accounting Detail hyperlink to view the details for an individual line.These changes will only apply to the specific line. 

Click OK to return to the Authorization Detail page, then click on the Return to Travel Authorization Entry hyperlink to proceed.


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