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The Extron MLC 104 IP Plus MediaLink Controller is an easy-to-use control panel designed to control a wide range of smaller AV resource management, and support. The MLC 104 IP Plus standardizes the control interface for all systems, making display systems simple to use.

Standardization also makes setup and maintenance easier to support.

To use the MLC 104 IP Plus, follow these steps:

  1. Press the ON button under the DISPLAY label.  This will send a signal to the projector (or TV).
  2. Next press the desired Source button.  
    1. By default, the PC button is the one that is selected.  
    2. The HDMI button is used when connecting to the external HDMI cable
    3. The LAPTOP button is used when connecting to the external VGA cable

      NOTE: When switching sources (PC, HDMI, LAPTOP), there is a slight delay before the newly selected source appears on the display

  3. Press the OFF button under the DISPLAY label when you finished to 

The VOLUME know controls the OVERALL volume of the system.  Please note that individual devices such as the PC, Laptop, and Shure belt-pack microphone systems, all have their individual audio-out (volume controls)  If you have the VOLUME on the MLC 104 turned up as loud as it will go, but still need more volume, check the audio output level (volume) of the source to see if that can be increased.