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  1. How do I get to the menu path?

    1. On the User Preferences homepage, choose the Classic Home tile, or...

    2. From the NavBar icon, choose Classic Home


  2. Can I set the Menu Path as my default login page?  

    1. No, PeopleSoft is transitioning away from menu path navigation.  However, you can copy the Classic Home tile to My Homepage and set that as your default login page.  Refer to Add Tiles to My Homepage

  3. How can I change the order of the homepages in the drop-down?

    1. Refer to Arrange Homepage Drop-Down Order

Query Viewer

  1. I am unable to launch queries I should be able to access.

    1. Likely you have a pop-up blocker that is not allowing the new tab/window.  Check your browser to see if there is a pop-up notification and allow pop-ups from 

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