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Some professors perfer to use the TinyMCE editor in Moodle instead of the Atto HTML Editor. These are instructions on how to change your default html/text editor.

Step-by-step guide


  1. Go to the top right of your homepage, where your name/pic shows..
  2. Hover over "preferences", and then click on "User". This will bring you to the main Preferences page

  3. Under "User Account" you will see "Editor preferences".- This will display your  text editor name, yours probably shows "default" which is the "Atto HTML editor" set by default when a new account is created.

  4. Choose editor you wish to use. 


TinyMCE HTML Editor

        1. To spell-check via your browser, type your word (which if incorrectly spelt will have red lines under it) and press right click + CTRL