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OIT uses a Priority Matrix to determine both the urgency and impact of an IT request.

Impact is a measure of the effect of an incident, problem or change on business processes. Impact is often directly proportional to the number of users influenced by the incident and is often based on how service levels will be affected.

Urgency is a measure of how long it will be until an incident, problem or change has a significant impact on the business. Incidents, problems and changes with a high impact are not necessarily urgent. The urgency reflects the time available for repair or avoidance before the impact is felt by the business.

All requests for assistance will be classified either as an Incident or a Service Request. An Incident is defined as something that was working and is now not. An example of an Incident would be a computer that was working, but now will not boot. A Service Request is anything that is an “add, delete, or change" to an existing, otherwise working system. An example of a Service Request would be a request to load a piece of software on a faculty member’s PC. Priority will be given to resolving incidents over service requests.

Please see here for additional information on OIT's Service Level Guidelines.