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Working with columns can be great way to lay out your content in a much more readable way, allowing your readers to be able to easily digest the words or pictures if combined together if a suitable fashion. For content & text, I would recommend two columns (one for text, other for images). If you have smaller images, such as small images (200 x 200), you can do four columns. The recommended amount is based on your content needs, but most do not need more than two or three.

Step-by-step guide

  1. First, click on the plus sign encircled on the toolbar located above the content section. This will bring a drop down into existence.
  2. Click on either the most used, or scroll down and click on the layout elements sections. Either accordion will display the columns icon.
  3. Click on the columns icon.
  4. Once you have clicked on the columns icon, it will create a block that looks like this:
    1. They greyed out three columned icon is just displaying that you are in a columns block.
    2. The second icon, the rectangle with two smaller rectangles on either side, means to make it the columns a wider width, but not a full width.
    3. The third icon is the full width icon. This makes the columns the full width of the page.
    4. The vertical ellipsis is the settings option for the block.
    5. The plus icon means to "add" another column in between the left and right.
  5. Next, you would type in each column, finish your copy, and then preview or publish the page.