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If you want to add an image to the editor in Moodle, you might have the image already on your computer or you might need to find the image or take a screenshot of the image. If you have an image follow the steps. If you need to find or create an image, first save the image by right clicking on the image and choosing Save as Image (or picture). Or use the Snipping Tool on your computer to take a picture of the image. Note where you saved the image so you can find it in Step 2 below.

Step-by-step guide

1. In the editor, turn on all of the rows by clicking on the top left icon-the Toolbar Toggle

2. Click on the Insert/Edit image tool in the editor:

3. click to Find or upload an image:

4. Choose Upload a file in the File Picker window.

5. Browse for your image file and click Upload this file.

6. Give the image a descriptive name in the Image Description space.

7. Lastly click INSERT and you're done!

Change the Appearance of an Image in Moodle

Your image may be too large, or you might want it to be aligned on the left or right of the text or leave some space between text or bullets. If so, edit the settings of the label/page where the image is located.

  1. Select the image and click on the image icon on the toolbar (Step #2 above)
  2. Click on the Appearance tab and follow the numbers on the screenshot below. Then click Update. If you want to make changes begin Change the Appearance again until you are satisfied with the look.

If your editor doesn't look like the one above (TinyMCE) you can change it in your Moodle account profile or just use the one you have and hunt for the icons.