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  • Instructors: Add a Google Assignment in Moodle

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The Google Assignments option available as part of G Suite for Education, is now also available as an external tool integrated in Moodle Activities & Resources. This means instructors can now create assignments directly within Moodle that when graded, will a automatically sync with the Moodle course gradebook. Setting up a Google Assignment is easy because you can link your  with an Assignment with your Clarkson Google Drive.

Steps to Create a Google Assignment in Moodle

  1. Turn on editing in your Moodle course; click on the Add an Activity or Resource link in the section where you want to add the Google Assignment.

  2.  Click on the Activities tab and choose External Tool.

  3.  The Google Assignment settings window will open.
    1. Enter an appropriate name for the assignment.
    2. Check that the Preconfigured tool is Google Assignments,
    3. Click on the Show more…link.

  4. In the Show more…window, change the Launch container to New Window.

  5.  Scroll down to edit the Grade settings for the assignment; then click the Save and return to course button. 

  6. The Google Assignment shell is now ready for customization. Click on the title of the assignment and the Welcome to Assignments window will open. Note that the credentials are correct and then click the blue LInk button to continue.

  7.  The Link Google Account window will open. Take the opportunity to read and perhaps explore the page to understand how Assignments work before clicking the blue Link button that will activate the Google assignment.

  8. Note the Google Assignment will include 1. the title of the course in Moodle; 2. the title of the Assignment; 3. the Total points of the assignment as set up in the Moodle Grade settings for the assignment; and 4. Tips for using the tool-click the blue Next button for more tips. Also note the 5. Edit pencil which is where instructions for the assignment are added; and 6. the ellipse tool which is where people are managed.

  9.  And once the Tips box is closed, the options for 7. Checking for plagiarism or 8. adding a Rubric area optionally available.

  10.  Assignments creates a folder in your Google Drive for student assignments.

To get Help for Google Assignments, search the support page.

For more resources regarding Google Assignments, view the Assignments in Beta page.