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To edit one or more of the links within the Start Here custom HTML block:

  1. Within the MY QUICK RESOURCES block, click the Edit Settings icon and select Configure Start Here block.

  2. By default the Syllabus and Instructor Information Placeholders are just placeholder text and aren't linked to anything. The Academic Support Services, Student Services and Resources, and Institutional Policies and Regulations are live links.

    1. To edit one of the placeholder texts to make it a live link, remove the text "Placeholder", highlight the text you're making into a link (ex: Syllabus), and click the Link icon:

      Click Browse Repositories, and follow the instructions in the pop-up window to upload a file.

    2. To edit one of the live links, click the link you want to edit and click the Link icon:

      Edit the link and click Create Link.

  3. When you are finished with all edits, click .
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