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  • Manually Grade a Moodleroom (Advanced Discussion Forum) Holistically
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There are many ways to rate and grade discussion forums in Moodle depending upon how you set up your forums. For example, you can manually grade forum posts holistically by looking at each student’s posts and giving them a grade in the gradebook. Alternatively, you may want to rate each individual post. This page explains how to grade holistically. If you prefer to rate each post, see

Rating posts in an Advanced Discussion Forum.

Grade Holistically

Set up the Forum

  1. Go to Edit Settings for the Q & A forum.
  2. In the Grade area of the settings as shown below, choose Manual. (You will receive a message that grading is not yet supported).
  3. Choose points or scale. (Scales are explained in more detail in the Gradebook Setup).
  4. Add points (this will be grayed out if you chose a scale)
  5. If you use categories, choose the correct category.


 View Student's Posts

  1. Click on the forum you want to grade (note this only works with Advanced Discussion Forums, otherwise known as Moodlerooms )
  2. In the Administration block for your course, click Export
  3. On the export screen, choose the forum you want to grade
  4. Choose either All or view all postings by individual student (Participants)
  5. Choose Print for Export Format.
  6. Click Export at the bottom of the page.
  7. You can view or print the PDF file of student posts that will be generated (click Cancel in the Print window to view only).
  8. Review the posts and make a note of each student’s grade based on the points or scale you chose. Alternatively you could have your Gradebook open in another browser window and enter grades/feedback as you go.(right click on the Grades link)

3.   Add Grades to the Gradebook

  1. Go to your course gradebook. In order to add grades you will need to Override the forum as shown below
  2. Go the Single View tab and Select the grade item you want to grade.
  3. Next to the Override column, click ALL
  4. The grade and feedback columns will now become available
  5. Enter grades and feedback
  6. Save the page (bottom right corner of the graded page)

Print the PDF instructions for Grade an Advanced Discussion Forum Holistically


This is the simplest most basic way to grade a forum. Please contact an instructional design specialist to discuss the best method for your grading style.

Rating posts in an Advanced Discussion Forum (coming soon)