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Minitab Software Download Link

How to install using the enterprise license file:

1. Save the attached license file (minitab.lic) to the same folder as the Minitab 18 installer and double-click the Minitab 18 installer

How to replace the enterprise license file:

1. Copy the attached license file to the directory where Minitab is installed (Default: C:\Program Files(x86)\Minitab)

2. Launch Minitab 18. When prompted to specify the license server system or specify a license file, select Specify the License File.

3. Browse to and select minitab.lic. Click Open.

4. Click OK to launch Minitab.

Note: If the end-user has previously accessed a network License Manager for a license, Minitab will automatically look to the original License Manager before attempting to use the enterprise license file.

For more advanced installation methods or to deploy to multiple computers, please see the Minitab 18 Install Guide online at:

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