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Beginning Summer 2018, Moodle courses will come with the following template.  If you wish to add this template to your current course, request it via email to 

  1. "My Quick Resources" Block - viewable to Students and Instructors

Instructor adds Syllabus and Contact info. 

Block links to:

Need a Template

Need Help

Academic Support Services

Student Services and Resources

Institution Policies and Regulations

2. "Instructor Resources" Block - viewable to Instructors Only

Links to:

Teaching & Learning Corner

Academic Calendar Faculty & Staff

PeopleSoft 9.0 Documentation & Tutorials

3. Welcome section - Instructors are guided to add greeting and other course introductory information here.

4. Collapsed Topics - default course format to enable collapsible sections

Header Links (currently active in Moodle): / gmail / Peoplesoft / Library / HelpDesk

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