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Moodle is Clarkson University's Learning Management System (LMS), an online platform used by instructors to provide course information to students.  Students use Moodle to access course content, complete assignments, communicate with your instructor and your peers, and more.  Watch and read below for a quick 'How To' guide for navigating Moodle, accessing grades information, reviewing/submitting assignments including Turnitin Assignments, completing quizzes, and more.  

View this video to see how to access important information in Moodle:

Access Moodle:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with Clarkson Username and Password.
  3. Click on Quick Links.
  4. Select Moodle.
  5. Moodle Dashboard: Upon login, you enter Moodle here at the Dashboard.

Moodle Quick Start:

From the Moodle Dashboard there is access to information such as course information, grades, assignment deadlines, and academic resources.

Course Information:

To look at specific course information you can either select a course in the "My Courses" block on the left or click the "My Courses" drop down menu located on the menu bar at the top.  

Course Dashboard:

This is what a standard course on Moodle looks like.

Checking Grades & Submitting Assignments:

To quickly access grades, assignments or quizzes, select This Course on menu bar at the top.

Checking Grades:

To check grades, select Grades in the This Course Drop down. In Grades you can access the grades from assignments, quizzes, etc. the professor has put in for a course.

Checking Quizzes:

To check when quizzes are due and can be taken, select Quizzes in the This Course Drop down.

Checking & Submitting Assignments:

To check when assignments are due, select Assignments in the This Course Drop down.


To submit an Assignment, click on "Add Submission".  Click file submission to locate file or drag/drop to field with arrow.  Click Save Changes to complete submission.

Checking & Submitting Turnitin Assignments:

To check when are assignments are due, select Turnitin Assignments in the This Course Drop down. To submit an assignment:

Select the Assignment.

Select "Submit Paper".

Add Submission.