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Moodle is Clarkson University's Learning Management System (LMS), an online platform used by instructors to provide course information to students.  Students use Moodle to access course content, complete assignments, communicate with your instructor and your peers, and more.  Watch and read below for a quick 'How To' guide for first time users on how to access the Clarkson Intranet Site, and Moodle. It will go through some of the basics of using Moodle.

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Moodle Quick Resources

Moodle Quick Course View Learn how to navigate the Moodle Dashboard, the Moodle Navigation Bar, Moodle Course Pages, , Sections in Moodle Courses, and what Moodle activities are.

Moodle Quick Accomplish Learn how to submit an assignment, take a quiz, and check grades for a course within Moodle.

Table of Contents

Accessing Moodle through the Clarkson Intranet Site

  1. Go to
    1. Log in with Clarkson Username and Password.
  2. On the Clarkson Intranet Homepage, hover over “Quick Links
    1. Under “Quick Links”, click on “Moodle

Moodle Dashboard

The Moodle Dashboard shows courses that were recently accessed, and courses you are currently enrolled in.

Course Dashboard

This is what a standard course on Moodle looks like.

On a Moodle Course Page, click “This Course”, to find course information such as grades, other students in the course, assignments, syllabus etc.

Also on the Moodle Course page, click “Quick Links” to access Gmail, Helpdesk info, and other platforms.

Moodle Success Tip

Scrolling down the Moodle Course page, more information can be found about assignments and other course materials. Click on the Section Headers (Getting Started), to expand the section to show more information.

Make sure to read all information and instructions provided by the instructor within the course.