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This article is part of the Moodle Quick Resources Series. This article will go through step how to submit an assignment, take a Moodle Quiz Activity, and check grades for a course within in Moodle.

Moodle Quick Resources

Moodle Quick Start - Learn how to reach the Clarkson Intranet, Clarkson Moodle Page, and about the basics of Moodle.

Moodle Quick Course View Learn how to navigate the Moodle Dashboard, the Moodle Navigation Bar, Moodle Course Pages, , Sections in Moodle Courses, and what Moodle activities are.

Table of Contents

How to Submit an Assignment

Course Selection

To select a course go under "Course Overview", "Recently Accessed Courses or on the Navigation Bar, under "My Courses" and under "In Progress".


To see all assignment available in the course, go to "This course" on the Navigation Bar, and select "Assignments" .

Selecting an Assignment

Click on the assignment to submit.

Submitting an Assignment

On the "Submission Status" Page, click on "Add Submission" or "Edit Submission". 

An assignment can be submitted in 2 ways:

Submitting an Assignment - Manually (Way #1)

Click on the "add" icon located on the top left of the submission box.

Click on "Choose File"

In the File Explorer, locate and select the file to submit, then select "Open"

After selecting the file make sure to name it under "Save As". after naming the submission, select "Upload this File".

After selecting and uploading the file submission, make sure to click "Save Changes".

After clicking on "Save Changes", the "Submission Status" Page will appear, and the assignment should say "Submitted for Grading" next to "Submission Status".

Submitting an Assignment - Drag and Drop (Way #2)

In the File Explorer, locate and select the file to submit, and drag the file into the Assignment Submission Box. After dropping the file in the submission box, click on "Save Changes" .

After clicking on "Save Changes", the "Submission Status" Page will appear, and the assignment should say "Submitted for Grading" next to "Submission Status".

How to Take a Quiz

There are alternative ways to access activities and assignments within Moodle.

Alternative ways to access a Quiz Activity:

1.  Go to the Navigation Bar, click "This Course", then click on "Quizzes", to see a list of all Quiz or Exam Activities available to view or take.

On the Quizzes Page, click on the highlighted and underlined name to access the Quiz Activity.


2. Access a quiz by finding it the "Quiz Activity" within the Course sections.

Taking A Quiz

After selecting a Quiz, makes to read all the information on the Quiz Information Page, before starting the quiz. When Ready to take the quiz, click on "Attempt Quiz Now".

A notification will pop-up about the time limit of the quiz, when ready, click "Start Attempt".

To move to the next question or change the questions, click "Next Page" or go to the "Quiz Navigation" to change questions. The time limit countdown is also located under "Quiz Navigation"

To answer multiple choice questions click the bubble next to the appropriate answer.

Finishing a Quiz

After answering the last question, click on "Finish Attempt".

After answering all the questions, a page will appear that will show whether or not all questions were answered. After reviewing if all questions were answered, click "Submit all and Finish".

After clicking  "Submit all and Finish" and finishing the quiz, a summary or grade of the attempt may be available to view. This depends on the settings set by the instructor.

How to To Check Course Grades

To check grades for a course on the Navigation Bar go to "This Course", then click "Grades".

On the "Grades" page, a user report will appear. The report includes all graded activities and assignments in a course.

Scroll  down to the bottom of the page, to find the current overall grade in the course.

After scrolling down, the current overall grade for the course can be seen at the bottom, on the line of "Course Total"