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Who can use it?

Orion is available to anyone on campus who has a need for high-performance parallel process computing.  Submit your request for access to the Helpdesk ( and we’ll provision an account for you.

Make your own backups

You have 100GB of storage available to you on orion.  This space is intended to house your current workload only and it is your responsibility to make sure you have a copy of your data someplace else.

Store no data

Storage is limited on orion.  Do not use it as a long-term storage repository.  Please make sure you remove any data you do not need.  You may be asked to remove aging files if it appears you’re not actively working with them.

Checkpoint your jobs regularly when possible

To help ensure you won’t lose you work if a compute node has a problem, please set up your long-running jobs to checkpoint at reasonable intervals.

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