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Getting to Peoplesoft Faculty Center:

1) Log-in to PeopleSoft at: and select myCU (Peoplesoft Student). Enter your Clarkson AD Username and Password.

2) Upon entry, Click Faculty Center tile.

If the Faculty Center tile is not shown, follow the prompts to complete Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) training or contact Help Desk at 315-268-4357 or

Faculty Center – General

When you enter your Faculty Center in PeopleSoft, you will notice five tabs available in your Class Schedule section.  The current tabs are Class Schedule, Moodle Setup, Online Course Evaluations Opt-In, Enable Echo360 and Final Exam Signups. Note default term and select desired term. 

Click Class Schedule, to access Class Roster.

Faculty Center – Moodle Setup

On the Moodle Setup screen, you have the option of choosing each class you would like to be set up in Moodle, as well as the option to create a merged Moodle course. To create a standard Moodle course, check the box in the column "Create Moodle Course" and click submit. You will need to click the "Submit" button separately for each course.  Note: Anticipate 2 hours for new course to appear in Moodle.

To create a standard Moodle course, check the box in the column "Create Moodle Course" and click submit.  

Merged Courses

If you would like to create a merged course, first create the "parent" course using the instructions above. For each child course, select the name of the parent course from the drop-down menu.  You will need to press 'Submit' for each course you want to merge.  The parent course must be submitted before any child courses. This will merge each child course into the parent course, creating one Moodle course with all of the the enrollments of the child courses.

You will need to click the "Submit" button for each course.

Faculty Center – Online Course Evaluations

To sign up for the Online Course Evaluations, click the checkbox for each course/section you would like to participate in online evaluations. As you check and un-check the boxes, your request will automatically be saved.

Note: This tab may be missing if signups have not been announced for the semester.

This will set up your evaluations to occur during the standard time for the semester (announced when signups are announced, usually the two weeks before final exam week). If you need your evaluations completed at a different time, please contact the Helpdesk and include the course, and the dates the evaluation should run.

Faculty Center – Echo360 Signup

To schedule your course in Echo360 for full length in class lecture capture, click the Echo360 Tab. If your class is scheduled in a room that is Echo360 enabled, you will see a checkbox available to have the course scheduled. If the classroom is not enabled, then you will see a message of "Echo360 not available for this class".  

Faculty Center – Final Exam Setup

To request that a final exam be scheduled for your course, check the “Final Exam Signup” checkbox. You can include any special requests in the "Notes to Exam Scheduler" box.  Finally, click the “Submit Exam Request” button to save your request.

Note: You can only sign up during the first 5 weeks of the semester, after that, you will need to contact your department office to schedule an exam.

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