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Please note: As of Spring 2022, TurningPoint merged with Echo360, and is now rebranded as PointSolutions. Please refer to these updated instructions for using PointSolutions. 

PointSolutions is used for in class polling activities with your students.

To Get Started, instructors :

  • Create Account: If you do not already have a TurningPoint instructor account, create an Instructor account with PointSolutions. 

1) Go to Echo360 to sign up.

2) Click Get Started

pointsolutions getting started with Point Solutions Get Started

3) Click Sign Up - North/South America

4) Download/Install latest version of PointSolutions.

    1. Turn Editing On
    2. Select Add an Activity or Resource
    3. Select External Tool
    4. Select Clicker Registration Tool from Preconfigured tool drop down menu.

For Your Students:

To synch Moodle Roster to PointSolutions

Synching allows you to upload grades to Moodle, you must 'Add' course from Moodle tab to Active Courses tab.

  • Back on your Moodle course page, click the Clicker Registration tool you just added. This will launch PointSolutions.
  • Click Open.

  • Select Moodle tab. You may be prompted to sign in to Moodle through CAS/Duo two factor authentication. 

  • On the course(s) you wish to use PointSolutions, click Add. This will move the course to the Active Courses tab. From there you will manage your course roster and polling activity results.

pointsolutions courses screen

PowerPoint Polling in the Classroom

1) Login to classroom PC. 
2) Launch AppsAnywhere (more), search apps: PointSolutions
3) Click to launch PointSolutions, login to PointSolutions account

4) Click to launch PowerPoint polling.

5) Open your PowerPoint file to launch polling from polling ribbon.

Please let me know if that works for you.

Synch Moodle and Uploading Grades to Moodle

View Video Tutorial (2 min): Turning Classic Auto Sync Moodle Training

Launch PointSolutions (TurningPoint) app on your desktop.  Sign in using Clarkson AD and password. 

Click Manage

Select the course name, and from here select Upload grades. 

Click Update button to sync new student registrations.

Other Important Information

    System Requirements:
               Operating System: Windows 10 and Mac OS El Capitan, Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 (32-or 64-bit), OS X v10.9 and 10.10 are compatible with TurningPoint Cloud. 
               Web-browser: Microsoft Edge, IE10+, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.