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Create Poll Everywhere account and sync your course roster from Moodle

View this 30 min recorded session to see how to add Poll Everywhere to your course, sync your roster in Poll Everywhere and register students OR read steps below:

If you haven't already, create a Poll Everywhere account (if you do not already have one) by click through the email invitation you should have received (looks like below).  Follow prompts to join account.  If you did not receive the email, request support from  If you already have a Poll Everywhere account, you will want to join Clarkson's institution account (email if you are not sure).

1) Add Participants - you need to add your students to Poll Everywhere:

a. Login to Poll Everywhere

b. click Participants tab

c. click Add Participants button,

d. select Connect to LMS from pop up menu

e. step through until you see choice of LMS.  Choose Moodle.

f. Advance to 2. Authorize.

2) Add Poll Everywhere to your Moodle Course - 

    1. Open new tab, login to Moodle
    2. Click into your course
    3. Turn Editing On
    4. Add an Activity or Resource
    5. Under Activities, select External Tool 
    6. Fill in Name, and select from Preconfigured Tool dropdown menu, Poll Everywhere Porter
    7. In Common Module settings, select Availability: Hide from Students
    8. Save and Return to Course.

    9. Once the tool is added to the course, click on the link in the course to open the Poll Everywhere tool. This will open a new window and navigate you to a Poll Everywhere page. Once here, click the Import Roster button and we will import the student roster for the selected Moodle course.

      HINT: Post the following in your Moodle course for students

      Students will receive an email (below).  Students need to click through in the email to reset their password OR go to, enter their Clarkson email address, and click Forgot your password to reset their password. 

      Mobile App: Once students are registered, they are encouraged to download and use the mobile app to respond to your polls in class.  Students log into the app and join an instructors sessions via their Poll Everywhere URL: when questions are being presented. 

      More info for students at Poll Everywhere's Student guide.

3. As Students register, you will see them appear as participants in your Poll Everywhere account.

Now you are ready to Create Poll.