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Currently, there is not a built in function in the Payroll Authorization form to print. One of the greatest benefits to the University that is gained from moving to electronic Payroll Authorizations, is the direct effect it has on the amount of paper consumed. We would like to continue to support Clarkson's Green Initiative and encourage everyone to print as little as possible.


With that being said, there is a program called CutePDF that can be installed on your PC (at no cost) that will allow you to print the Payroll Authorization to PDF where it can be saved in a folder on your desktop. Please contact the IT Helpdesk at ex: 4357 or to request the installation of the software.


Please note that all Payroll Authorizations are saved indefinitely in Peoplesoft 9.0 and will be available for reference by viewing the Payroll Authorization Status. For security of data both OIT and Human Resources encourages that the Payroll Authorizations stay in the Peoplesoft system.