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  • Quiz: Prepare a Word Quiz for Import into the Moodle Question Bank

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Moodle has an excellent quiz tool with plenty of options that make it very efficient for you and your students. But the first step to using the tool is to format your questions in EXACTLY the manner described below. You can attempt to skip these rules but you can expect missing parts or an error message and then you will have to redo it all again.

Step 1: Correct Formatting

Below is a screenshot of exactly what your quiz file will look like when it is ready for importing into the Moodle Question Bank (QB). Below the screen shot is a tutorial of how to format your quiz. If you have a quiz that is already created as a Word document, you will need to remove formatting and save your file as a text file instead of a Word file.

Here is a Quiz Template you may use-replace the questions with your questions or revise your current Word quiz exactly as shown. The template was developed following the rules below:

  1. Rules

    1. NO numbered questions - Moodle numbers your questions upon import
    2. Questions have no formatting (you can add bold, etc. after you have imported the quiz into the Moodle QB
    3. No images-save your images as separate files and insert/copy and paste into the question after the quiz has been imported to the Moodle QB.

  2. Example Question 1

  3. Example Question 2

  4. Example Question 3

Step 2: Save Quiz as Text File for Importing into Moodle

When you have removed most of the formatting as shown above, save and open the file in Notepad and save the quiz as a text file:

File-Save As-Save as Text-Other-Unicode 8-Save

Step 3: Import a Quiz into Moodle

Prepare your quiz properly as above and then -go to Moodle-Administrative Block-Question Bank-Categories-Create Category (ex. Chapter 1)

Go to Question Bank- Import – Aiken format- General- Choose Import category –ex. Chapter 1-drag and drop the quiz file-Import

Review for errors-click Continue (Or start over-review your text file to make corrections and save changes-try again)

Once imported, edit questions as needed in the Question Bank (bold, italics, etc.) and add back the images before adding to quiz shell

Step 4: Create Quiz Shell in Moodle

Go to the Topic area where you want to place the quiz-Click on Add an activity or resource and scroll down in the drop down menu to quiz- add- choose quiz options-save the quiz

Click the link to the new quiz-Edit Quiz-Add-Add questions from question bank (or random)-done!

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