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Instructors are able to allow individual students or groups of students to take a quiz with exceptions to the standard quiz settings.  This is useful for students with accommodations.  Unlimited time and other exceptions can be applied for the individual student completing the activity. 

This is the recommended method for students with accommodations.

Video Tutorial (2:30 min)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click into the desired Quiz:
  2. Scroll down to view Quiz Administration on the left menu:
  3. Click User Override:
  4. Click into Add user override button, follow prompts:

    Group Overrides: 

    For managing multiple students with accommodations, instructors can first, create a group in the course. Add students to that group with the same accommodation (ex. double time). Then add the Group Override to the Quiz. 

    To change a quiz setting for a particular group, click the "add group override" button in , make the changes you wish and save or enter another override.