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How do I re-open a quiz so that students may have another chance but not lose their previous answers? You may want to re-open a quiz/exam if you believe students didn’t have enough time to complete it, a technical event occurred, or if you find they needed additional resources. 

  1. Click the quiz/exam title from the Moodle homepage.

  2. Click Edit Settings on the left in the Administration block.

  3. Open the Grade tab.

  4. Change Attempts allowed to 2.

  5. Change Grading method to Last attempt.

  6. Open the Question behavior tab.

  7. Change Each attempts build on the last to Yes.

  8. Scroll down and click Save and return to course.

This creates a second attempt of the quiz/exam for students to complete, but starts them out on Attempt 2 with all of their answers from Attempt 1, so that they don’t lose that work. Attempt 2 will be the one recorded in the Gradebook.

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