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NOTE: For users with granted rights (Privileged)

Main Dashboard: RT at a glance

    This page consists of the following...

  1. 10 highest priority tickets I own
  2. 10 newest unowned tickets
  3. Bookmarked Tickets - Bookmark important tickets to reference later
  4. Quick ticket recreation  
  5. My reminders - you can set yourself reminders
  6. Quick search - a list of all the queues you have access to

Ticket Page

 This page consists of the following...

  1. Top Navbar - 
    1. Display - Displays all relevant info for the ticket
    2. History - This is where all of the email/txt communication is kept
    3. Basics
    4. People - List of who the ticket owner is, the ticket requestor, and who else is CC'd
    5. Links
    6. Jumbo
    7. Reminders
    8. Recurrence
    9. Actions - From this page you can reply, comment, and resolve tickets 
  2. Custom Fields - used to set the urgency and impact it has on the campus/software
  3. More about the requestors - pulls information from the CU Org Chart
  4. The Action Tab

  • Reply - Replies to everyone on the ticket (sends an email out)
  • Comment - Only ticket owners can see it (does not send an email out)
  • Forward - to pass the ticket to someone else
  • Open It - If the ticket is "Resolved" you can reopen it
  • Resolve - To close the ticket (will send an email to the requestor)
  • Reject - To reject the request (will send an email to the requestor)
  • Take - To assign an unowned ticket to yourself
  • Extract Article - Currently not used. 

People Page

On this page you can set the requestors, CC's, Admin CC's, and owner of the ticket.