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  • Follow the Add a Requisition instructions and return to these instructions before budget check and submit for approval

  • After entering the line item(s), click on the schedule icon of the first line you wish to split
  • From the Schedule page, click on the distribution icon



  • On the Distribution pop-up...

    • Change Distribute By to Amount

    • Select Multi-SpeedCharts

  • On the Multiple SpeedCharts pop-up...

    • Click on the plus icon  to add as many lines as you need (one for each budget)

    • If you are entering more than 2 budgets, you will need to hit View All to see all the lines

    • Enter the SpeedChart and the associated Amount to Distribute for each line

    • Click on OK


  • You are returned to the Distribution pop-up

    • The system has calculated the Percent based on the Amounts entered on the previous screen

    • Enter the Account for each line item

  • Click on OK 

  • You are returned to the Schedule page, click on Return to Main Page

  • For information on Account selection, refer to Accounts