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  • Reserving BH Snell B19 (TLC Classroom) using Virtual EMS

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    The TLC Classroom at BH Snell B19 may be reserved by staff or faculty only. For access to the room, faculty and staff may request card swipe access to the door by contacting Laura Perry,
  1. Open your web browser.

  2. Go to the URL
  3. Highlight "My Account" and login using your Clarkson AD username and password.
  4. In Reservations drop down, select Request a TLC Room

  5. You will now be within a reservation window. You will need to select the date, start time, end time, and attendance for your reservation.  You may also restrict your search to rooms with certain features, such as a projector.  Then click "Find Space" to receive a list of rooms matching your search criteria.

    Note: you must indicate an attendance of at least one person!  The search will automatically exclude rooms that will not support the number of participants.  For example, searching for a room that can hold 30 attendees will not display rooms with a maximum capacity of 18 or 24. Similar, if you select a feature such as Projector, it will exclude all rooms that do not have a projector from appearing in your list. 

  6. Now you will see the list of rooms meeting your search criteria.  Hit the + icon to select the room you would like to reserve, and it will move up to selected locations at the top of the window.  You may reserve multiple locations in a single request.

  7. Hit Continue.

  8. You will now need to enter the Event Name, Select your Event Type from the pull down menu, and select your name from the 1st contact: field.  If you type in the field, it will bring you to those letters, for example, typing ASH brought the author of this article to his last name.  By selecting your name from the menu, your phone and email information will automatically be entered by Virtual EMS.
  9. When you are done verifying all the information is correct, hit Submit.

  10. You will receive a pop-up notification after making your reservation successfully.  

    You will also receive an email confirmation within a few minutes of making the reservation.



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