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There are two ways to add subscribers, one-by-one or by doing a bulk import. If you have a list of subscribers to add, please contact the help desk to do a bulk import.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To add subscribers one-by-one
    1. Go to the Newsletter dashboard and hover over "Subscribers" to get the drop down list pictured below.
    2. In the image below, #1 is what you will click to add, edit, or search subscribers. 
    3. click on the blue button with the plus sign to add a subscriber
    4. add email address and click on the blue button with the arrows. This creates a new subscriber.
    5. In the "General" tab, fill out the subscribers information and save.
    6. In the "Lists" tab, add the subscriber to the desired list and save. Click here for another tutorial on creating lists.
    7. The only other tab that will be useful in this display is the "Newsletters" tab. This will tell you which newsletter(s) that the subscriber is subscribed to. This concludes adding a single subscriber.
  2. To bulk import subscribers, please contact the help desk and someone will be able to assist with this process.