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For Faculty & Administrators

In case of an emergency, the ability to interact with employees and Clarkson University community members in dispersed locations may become increasingly important. Clarkson OIT provides tools to all University staff and faculty so they can continue communications and maintain productivity. Most of these resources require advance preparation, and you are encouraged to learn how to use these resources before a situation requires you to work off-campus.

For Staff

Make sure your employees do the following as soon as possible:

  • Know how to forward your desk phone calls to your cell phone or landlineRecommend doing this before going home on the last day of in-office work, if possible.

  • Know how to check your voicemail remotely.

  • Have a laptop or desktop at home to work on. If the employee doesn’t have a suitable computer at home, please examine your departmental resources first. Do you have an older laptop that could be repurposed? If your department has nothing, please reach out to OIT to inquire about options.  

  • Encourage employees to establish an appropriate work area.  Dedicate a specific room or surface in your home to work. Be sure your ‘office’ floors are clear of hazards - no excessive wires that can trip you. The temperature, ventilation and lighting in the room should be adequate to work.

  • Ensure employees know how to communicate with their supervisor.

Need Help?

The IT HelpDesk is your main point of contact for technology related questions. To open a support request, please contact via email ( or telephone (315-268-HELP).


All active faculty can receive a Zoom account by logging in at  Zoom works with most devices and platforms and provides a robust set of tools and solutions for communicating and working together remotely.


Some Clarkson services (i.e. network drives like S-drive, etc.) require the use of the VPN client.  

The VPN can be self-installed on Windows and MacOS based systems by visiting  Instructions for installation and use can be found here:

Remote File Access

You can access files from shared drives by going to  You will be prompted to login using your Clarkson account credentials.  You can find additional instructions on how to use myfiles here (link).

Remote Desktop

If deemed necessary, all CU faculty and staff will automatically be enabled to use remote desktop for accessing their Windows PC remotely via the VPN.

To do this, connect to the VPN, then follow the instructions posted here:

Remote Desktop from an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

You can connect to your work PC using an iPad or iPhone: : Connecting To A PC Using Remote Desktop on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc)

Accessing Kronos from off campus