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Instructions for adding an External Tool in Moodle for Turning Tech Clicker Registration.

Turning Technologies recently retired TurningPoint 5. And they are moving away from TurningPoint Cloud (a.k.a "Turning Cloud").

There is no longer a "Turning Tech" block to add to your course and you will have to add an external tool so students can register their clickers:

Clicker Registration Link (External Tool)

*** You must add this External Tool to every Moodle course you are using Clickers in ***

    1. On your Moodle course page click "Turn editing on".
    2. Underneath "News forum" click "+ Add and activity or resource". 
    3. Choose "External tool" and click "Add"
    4. The only two things you will need to modify are "Activity name" and "External tool type" 
      1. Activity name = "Clicker Registration" 
      2. External tool type = "Clicker Registration Tool"
    5. Under "Grade" set "Type" to "None"
    6. Click "Save and return to course"
    7. Students will need to click on "Clicker Registration" link and register their Clicker on Turning Cloud. Instructions how.
      1. If they do not have an account yet this is where they will create one using their CU email address.   


TurningPoint 8 Information - Instructors need to sync their course in Moodle with Turningpoint.  Here's how:

1) Be sure you have Turning Tech 8 v8.2.3.1 installed on your PC.  Sign in using Clarkson email,, Instructor, Downloads

2) Launch Turning Point 8 app, and Sign In using Clarkson AD & PW

3) Click Manage

4) Click Course/New

5) Select Download from LMS, Create Course:

6) Select Moodle SSO, and enter Server Address:, Click Connect

7) Enter CAS Login with Clarkson AD & PW

8) Your courses should be listed.  Select desired course you wish to import participant list from and click Import.


Former TurningPoint Cloud Information

Please review the following PDF for TPC/Moodle instuctions. 



Other Important Information

    System Requirements:
               Operating System: Windows 10 and Mac OS El Capitan, Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 (32-or 64-bit), OS X v10.9 and 10.10 are compatible with TurningPoint Cloud. 
               Web-browser: Microsoft Edge, IE10+, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

    For more detailed information please visit