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Centralized PC & Laptop Purchase Program

Working with the Institute for a Sustainable Environment and the Finance Office, the Office of Information Technology is promoting a centralized computer purchasing program. This program is designed to maximize the financial resources of the university by ensuring computers purchased meet environmental and efficiency standards, and are appropriately sized and equipped for the type of work being performed. We have worked with HP to secure state-contract pricing on desktops, tablets PCs, and laptops for institutional use. Additionally, this program will ensure all computers meet Energy Star and EPEAT standards for efficiency and environmental responsibility.

This program is intended for purchases made with university funds, and we understand that the recommended systems may not be appropriate for research use. We also recognize that in a small percentage of cases, some users have specific needs that the standard PC or Laptop may not address. We will be glad to work with you in these unique cases to find an appropriate solution.

Summary of Program Benefits

  • Cost effective use of University resources – An analysis of one year of purchase order and P-card data determined the average cost for a desktop PC purchased by the University was $1144.37*. With centralized purchasing, the University can gain better negotiating power with vendors, and reduce over-buying of unneeded technology. An initial examination indicates that this average cost will be reduced to approximately $560* per PC for the majority of PC purchases. There is a similar reduction in cost for laptops. Based on the 57 desktops and 140 laptops purchased last year, this program will have a direct impact of over $84,500 in savings to the bottom line of University departments.

*Does not include the $100 Microsoft site license fee, mandatory for all non-research purchases

  • Improved response time for purchases – Establishing a standardized PC specification allows OIT to maintain a small inventory, allowing new equipment orders to be fulfilled in days rather than in weeks.
  • Ensuring energy-efficiency standards – PCs with high-efficiency power supplies are estimated to consume 500kwH less energy over the life of the hardware, with no degradation in performance or appreciable increase in cost of the hardware. Under current purchasing practices, end-users are not required to purchase PCs or laptops with high-efficiency power supplies.
  • Maximizing University resources – By replacing academic teaching lab computers through this program, savings will be used to increase campus bandwidth, networking and wireless capabilities.

How to order through this program

To order, simply place a request through the university Helpdesk via email to or x4357.  The IT HelpDesk and the Satellite Support Reps will help to assess your needs and give you options and pricing. Generally, there is (1) Desktop, (2-3) Laptops and (1) tablet option available in the program.