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Adding One Card charges from My Wallet

  • PeopleSoft provides User Templates to aid in the creation of Expense Report or Travel Authorization transactions.
  • Templates are used to pre-populate a transaction for a user, using the expense types from the template.
  • Templates also work in conjunction with any options chosen on the User Defaults page of the User Profile.
  • Note that expense report User Templates are not useful if you have a One Card, as you would create those expense report lines from the entries in My Wallet. 

Navigate to the Create/Update User Template page.

When the User Template opens, click on the Add a New Value tab.

Enter a name for your template and select the type of template you wish to create. Click Add to Continue.

Complete the User Template page as shown below. Whatever Expense Types you add to the template will default onto any transaction that you create using that template.


Additionally, if you set up any User Defaults for the Expense Types on your User Template, those will work with your User Template.


When complete, click Save.