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Some online courses use Safe Exam Browser (SEB) for tests, so that students can only focus on the test and not surf their computer or the Internet during the test. Follow the instructions below so that you are prepared to take the exam/test or quiz if SEB is assigned by your instructor.

At Home?

If you are completing your tests from home you will need to download and install the Safe Exam Browser as described in Steps 1 & 2 below. Then continue with Step 3.

On Campus?If you are completing your test in a Clarkson computer lab, start from Step #3 below.


  1. Before you begin, turn off popup blockers in the browser that you usually use for viewing Moodle courses. Clarkson supports the following browsers. Directions for turning off your popup blockers in the browser are listed at the links :     Chrome               Firefox               Safari               Microsoft Edge

  2. Go to this Safe Exam Browser (SEB) page  and download the latest version of SEB that is compatible with your computer, either Windows PC, Mac, or iOS as shown below. First time installation may take several minutes; expect delays such as a wait time for configuration or needing to restart your computer (maybe more than once).

    : SEB will NOT work on an Android phone or tablet – you will NOT be able to take online tests using devices.

  3. Go to the quiz in your course and click on it to start.

  4. Click the 'Launch Safe Exam Browser' button - ignore the other button labeled 'Download Configuration'.

  5. A popup window will appear: In the pop up window choose "Open Safe Exam browser".
    If you don’t see the popup window, go back to Step #2 to make sure you have enabled pop ups in the browser you are using.

  6. If you see a message about security such as those below, choose Send Anyway or check Always allow Moodle and click Open Safe Exam Browser.

  7. The Safe Exam Browser will launch and you will be prompted to enter your Clarkson username and password to continue.

  8. After you enter the username and password you will see the "Attempt Quiz Now" button - click this button to start the quiz.

  9. You won't be able to open any other windows or to switch to other applications while using the SEB.

  10. When you are done, click the Submit All button for the quiz and then close the Safe Exam browser using the 'Terminate Session' button at the bottom-right of the screen. You will be returned to Moodle in your usual browser. If you do not see theTerminate Session button, click on a Power Symbol in the lower right corner of the screen. You can now return to the Quiz in Moodle to note completion.

Note: SEB will NOT work on an Android phone or tablet – you will NOT be able to take online tests using devices.

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